Let’s GET IT Together!!

To All the Members of Ormazd Grotto, #134:
Calling All Prophets, Calling All Prophets, Calling All Prophets
Prophets – Our Prophet Chief Justice, Ken Mueller has scheduled a work evening at the Grotto for this evening, Tuesday evening, and possible Wednesday evening.  We will be meeting at the Grotto Tonight 11/23/2015, located at, 1700 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL 32804.  We will gather at 6:30 PM.    We are clear to hold this work day per Jim Gillespie the association president.  So lets try to be there in force.  Remember, many hands make light work.
I have made arrangements with one of my clients, Clean N Dry Today to clean the dinning room and kitchen floors on Friday 11/27/2015 at the grotto.  They will strip and wax on Friday and burnish the floor on Saturday.  The goals for the evening are:
1.  Remove all items from the kitchen and dinning rooms.   
2.   Remove the ceiling tiles in the kitchen and prep the ceiling for a new drywall ceiling.  Craig Frazier will be putting up the new ceiling on Tuesday evening with any assistance we can give him.  He hope to hang, tape and mud the drywall ceiling on Tuesday.  We plan to sand and finish prepping the ceiling for paint on Wednesday evening.
3.  We still need to detail clean the kitchen cabinets inside and out and clean the walls in the kitchen area before we paint this area.
4.  Anything else Jim Gillespie or Randy White desire.
I know this is short notice, but lets pull together and get this kitchen renovation completed this week.  Please let me know if you can attend.  My cell number is 321-230-2000.
Fraternally Yours,
Ken Mueller
2015 Chief Justice
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Calling All Prophets, Calling All Prophets, Calling All Prophets

Prophets – Our Prophet Monarch, Randy White scheduled a work day at the Grotto in an effort to clean up the property and make it more appealing for future rentals. At the Grotto Saturday morning 11/14/2015, we will gathered at 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM for coffee & donuts. Please make a note of it. So lets try to be there in force. Remember, many hands make light work.

The goals for the day were:

1. Cleaning the new appliances to get them ready to place in the kitchen. These were donated from the World Food Championships and they were used by the chefs in this competition.
2. Clean the walls and cabinets in the kitchen area. We really need to clean the kitchen area before we clean the floors and place the new appliances in the kitchen.
3. Discuss and consider options for fixing or replacing the ceiling tiles in the kitchen area.
4. Clean the walls in the dining area. We need to do this before we attempt to paint the dining room and hallways.
5. Address the electrical outlets in the dining area and kitchen. Do we have anyone with electrical experience that can replace the receptacles and plate covers in these areas? We also need someone that can check out our electrical breakers as well.
6. We need someone that can replace one of the florescent light fixtures in the dining area?
7. Anything else Jim Gillespie, Bud Delong or Randy White desire.

Cleaning cloths, sponges, cleaners, etc. were used on this project. Does anyone happen to own a steam cleaner that we can use on the walls and cabinets? Google steam clean walls and you will see what I am talking about.

We want to thank everyone for their fundraising ideas for this project, lets try to get some of these put into action as we need to do some fundraising for your Grotto.

Updating the appliances, and cleaning the area will go a long way to improving the Grotto and our building. We hope everyone gets onboard with our cleaning efforts. If we all pull together and work real hard over the next month, we can really make a dent into improving and beautifying the Grotto to the point were we can hopefully obtain more rentals and even at increased rental rates.

Here’s a quick look at what was donated:

2 Microwaves and many small appliances

2 Microwaves and many small appliances

New Stainless FridgeNew Stainless Fridge        Click on Pics to enlarge

2 New Stoves

2 New Stoves

If you have any other ideas on what we can do for our kitchen, then by all means make sure you are at the Grotto this Saturday to share your ideas and thoughts on how we can improve this area. I am really looking forward to cooking on these appliances.

Prophets, I almost forgot, your ladies are welcome to assist us in these endeavors, so please bring them with you. In fact, without a woman’s supervision on cleaning, us men will really screw up this job. At least that’s what happens in my house, if my wife Laura does not supervise me. Ladies, PLEASE come out and guide and help us with this!

Hope to see everyone there.

Fraternally Yours,

Ken Mueller
2015 Chief Justice and 2016 Monarch Elect

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Reminder to all Prophets and Friends


Past Monarch Phil Moffses has asked we publish this reminder

for Sandra’s Memorial upcoming Saturday


Included are the directions to the Chapel….

you may print the poster for reference:

Capturemofses memorial

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