DID YOU KNOW?  ORMAZD GROTTO has been serving the Orlando Community since 1931??  Our 2006 Grand Monarch Clayton C. Simons, personally presented this recognition to us from the Supreme Grand Council of North America.  Ormazd continues to provide quality dental care for worthy children in our community for over 75 years now and going strong.  Please consider becoming a Prophet of ORMAZD GROTTO!.

2006 75th Anniversary

YOUR ORMAZD GROTTO is the also the “PROUD!” recipient of not one, but TWO national recognition awards for “OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT” in both the 2010 and 2011 at the Supreme Council of North America Annual Sessions.  The Prophets were pleased to be recognized, out of all the GROTTOs of both Canada and the United States, for the following awards:

1.  The Past Grand Monarch Michael G. Wahl award for largest percentage increase of children helped over the previous year. Award was given at 2010 Supreme Council annual meeting at Humanitarian fund review, which carried a cash award of $5,000.00 and a Plaque, now positioned prominently in our Lodge room.


2.  The other award was just received this year at the 2011 Session, just held in Detroit the 1st of July.  We all enjoy the colorful and entertaining Newsletter “Rag!” that our Prophet Monarch Pedro Arroyo uses as his Trestleboard communication to “ALL PROPHETS HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE!  [SAMPLED HERE]  Entered by our Secretary Ellis Hormats this year in the competition for newsletters across the realm, AND WE WON 1st PLACE!